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Helpful industry links.

Lighting Products-FAA Approved
Flight Light Inc.
Point Lighting Corp.

Research and Observatories
Blue Hill Observatory & Science Center
Mount Washington Observatory
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Temperature and Wind Sensors
Industrial Sensors, Thermocouples, and RTD's
Nielsen Kellerman

Storm Chasing Links
Storm Chaser
Storm Chasing

NOAA All Hazard Monitor
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Weather Forecasts
NOAA Weather

Weather Stations
Home Weather Stations
Nielsen Kellerman

Wind Power Organizations
U.S. Department of Energy Wind Power
Global Wind Energy Council
American Wind Energy Association
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Seaforth Energy
Danish Wind Power Association
European Wind Energy Association
Cape Wind Project
British Wind Energy Association
First Wind
20% Wind power by 2030
National Wind Coordinating Collaborative

Wind Turbine Manufacturers
Clipper Wind Power
RE Power Systems
GE Wind Power
Vestas Wind Systems
Suzlon Energy Limited
Ming Yang
Nordex Energy

Northern Power Systems
Siemens Wind Power

Wind Power Associations
African Wind Energy
American Wind Energy
Argentinean Wind Energy
Australian Wind Energy
Austrian Wind Energy
Canadian Wind Energy
British / UK Wind Energy
Danish Wind Energy
European Wind Energy
German Wind Energy
Indian Wind Energy
Irish Wind Energy
Latin America Wind Energy
New Zealand Wind Energy
Wind Power India
World Wind Energy

Wind Power Associations
Lightning Protection Institute
Thompson Lightning Protection
Harger Lightning Products

 Wind Power AssociatioResource Library - Handbooks and Guides
NOAA Observing Handbook No.8
Federal Meteorological Handbook
AMS Glossary of Meteorology
Weathergraph Wall Chart
International Weather Watchers Observer Handbook
Federal Meteorological Handbook Number 2
Interagency Wildland Fire Weather Station Standards & Guidelines