Portable Pyrometers-


Analog | Digital | Thermocouple Type K, B, R, and S

Molten metal tip portable pyrometers are used for reading the melt temperatures of non-ferrous metals such as Aluminum, Brass, Bronze (except Phosphor Bronze) and Magnesium. The portable pyrometer uses disposable thermocouple tips constructed from 446 stainless steel and have a maximum service temperature of 2300°F (1260°C). Some other alloys, Alloy 600 may be specially ordered (Consult factory). The thermocouple tips are Type K and are within standard limits of error (special limits can be specially ordered). The reduced diameter tip on the thermocouple allows for quick response times when immersed into the melt (about 25 seconds).

The high temperature portable pyrometer assemblies utilize quartz tips are made with Type B, R, or S Platinum Thermocouple Elements. Platinum thermocouple elements allow the pyrometer to handle a much higher service temperature range. These pyrometers with quartz tips are especially good for molten gold and silver applications up to 3000°F (1649°C).

Note: All of the Richards portable pyrometer handles are constructed entirely from 304 stainless steel for maximum strength and durability.

Portable Pyrometer Specifications

  • Analog or Digital Versions
  • Available With Thermocouple Type K, B, R, and S Options
  • 446ss Metal or High Temperature Quartz Tips
  • Replaceable Thermocouple Tips Available in Lengths From 8" to 48"
  • Straight or 90° 304 Stainless Steel Handle
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Grip
  • Stainless Steel Instrument Housing
  • LCD Display (Battery Powered)
Portable Pyrometer | Digital Meter | Type K
Portable Pyrometer With Metal Thermocouple Tip
Part Number Thermocouple Tip Length (Inches) Thermocouple Tip Length (mm)
DI100K-MM43-08 08 203.2
DI100K-MM43-12 12 304.8
DI100K-MM43-15 15 381.0
DI100K-MM43-18 18 457.2
DI100K-MM43-20 20 508.0
DI100K-MM43-24 24 609.6
DI100K-MM43-30 30 762.0
DI100K-MM43-36 36 914.4
DI100K-MM43-42 42 1068.8
DI100K-MM43-48 48 1219.2
Portable Pyrometer designed and built by the Arklay S. Richards Co., Inc. for measuring the temperature of molten metals in foundries. Direct reading, balanced design, battery operated, LCD display conveniently placed on the back of the handle for easy reading. Thermocouple instrument can be purchased separately.

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