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Isopressed or carbon bonded silicon carbide thermocouple protection tubes (SCI) are less porous (8%) than nitride bonded but not as dense as oxide bonded tubes. Isopressed silicon carbide tubes have a maximum service temperature of 2800°F or 1550°C. These types of thermocouple tubes are some times referred to as Lava Thermocouple Protection Tubes.

Composition - 78.2% Silicon Carbide (Black, course grained Alpha / Beta mix), 18.7% Silica, 2.1% Sodium Oxide, 1.43% Aluminum Oxide, .44% Iron Oxide. Note: Isopressed thermocouple protection tubes are coated with a silicon carbide glaze to reduce open porosity and the reactive surface area of the protection tube. This glaze is used to help prolong the service life of the thermocouple tube.

isopressed silicon carbide or Lava Thermocouple Protection tube Specifications

  • Isopressed Over a Steel Pipe
  • Maximum Service Temperature of 2800°F or 1550°C
  • Glazed Outer Surface to Help Prolong Service Life
  • Excellent for Molten Aluminum Applications
  • Tube size is 2.0" O.D.
  • Available with 1/2" or 3/4" NPT Threaded Nipples.
  • Available in Lengths From 12", 18", 24", 30", 36", 42", and 48"
Silicon Carbide Protection Tubes | Isopressed
Isopressed Silicon Carbide Thermocouple Tube
Part Number O.D.
Silicon Carbide
SCI12-* 2" .62" 50.8 15.7 Isopressed
Carbon Bonded
Steel inner tube
1/2" NPT
SCI34-* 2" .82" 50.8 20.8 Isopressed
Carbon Bonded
Steel inner tube
3/4 " NPT
Note: * Specify the protection tube length (P) in inches.