C5H Heated Anemometer


C5H Series heated High Speed anemometer

The C5H-2263-1 (green anti-ice coating shown, black is standard) Anemometer is the heated version of the standard C5-1263-1 High Speed Industrial Anemometer. The C5H has all the great features of our standard C5 anemometer but is manufactured with a powerful internal heater to prevent the bearings from freezing in winter conditions. All parts of the sensor are machined from Stainless Steel. The rotor hub is machined from light weight Titanium and the wind cups are fabricated from stainless steel. Since the heating element is actually located inside the body of the sensor, there is no disruption of air flow around the unit to cause errors in wind speed readings.


  • All Stainless Steel and Titanium Construction
  • Powerful Internal Heater
  • Dual Sensor Outputs
  • Quick Connect Mounting System
  • Green or Black Anti Ice coating
  • Stainless Steel Shaft Bearings