Heater Control / Power Supply


SJB - Heater Control / Power Supply for wind sensors

Many of our high performance wind sensors are installed in locations with extremely harsh cold weather climates. In these environments service temperatures can drop well below freezing, causing the sensor shaft ball bearings inside anemometer or wind vane to freeze. This is a serious problem which can cause erroneous wind data if the sensor shaft bearings freeze causing the sensor to lockup. Richards C5CH and C5H Series anemometers and D5H and D5CH Series Wind Vanes are equipped with one or two powerful internal heating elements to prevent the freezing of the sensors shaft bearings.

The Arklay Richards SJB Series Wind Sensor Heater Control Box (SJB-1263-H-01VA) is used to provide the 12 Volt power to the anemometer's or wind vanes's internal heater element. The SJB heater control unit requires a 120 VAC power source which is converted to 12 VDC for the wind sensor elements. The Richards SJB-1263 box is mounted outside, away from direct sunlight to prevent solar heating of the enclosure but in close proximity to the wind sensor in order to accurately monitor the actual temperature near the wind sensor. The SJB Heater Control Unit has an internal thermostat to activate 12 Volt power to the heater as the temperature drops below 37° Fahrenheit or shut down the power to the heating element when the temperature is above this set preset outside temperature.



  • Weather Proof NEMA 4X Rated Enclosure
  • UV Stabilized Black Polycarbonate Construction
  • Internal Thermostat
  • Converts 115 VAC to 12 VDC for powering wind sensor heating elements
  • Silicone gasket for dust and moisture resistance
  • IP 66 flame rating