Mounting Adapters


C-MMA - Wind sensor mounting adapters

When installing wind sensors for monitoring high wind speeds, it is extremely important to have a strong, stable, mounting platform for the wind sensors. The C-MMA-16-06 and C-MMB-16-06 stainless steel threaded wind sensor mounts are available for all of the C5C Series Compact Anemometers and D5C Compact Wind Direction Vanes. The C-MM Type Sensor Mounts provide a solid connection between the wind sensor and the pipe mast, crossarm, or horizontal boom. Since these adapters have standard pipe threads, it allows the use of standard 1.0" NPT pipe and pipe fittings for your crossarms or horizontal booms. C-MM series mounting adapters are machined from solid 316 series stainless steel bar stock for superior corrosion resistance and high strength. The C-MMA-16-06 has a Female 1" NPT thread for ease of installation. The C-MMB-16-06 version of the adapter is also available which has a machined Male 1" NPT thread. This adapter can be installed directly onto our heavy duty stainless steel BHC-36-01-SS Crossarms. All C-MM sensor mounting posts are machined to a standard 0.5" O.D. tube size and is 6.0" tall for mounting all compact series anemometers or wind direction vanes.


  • Machined from solid 316ss bar stock
  • 1.0" NPT female or male threads can be ordered
  • Standard 0.5" O.D. post for sensor mounting
  • Hex base for wrench
  • High polished mirror finish


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