Online Wind Monitoring System


Real Time Wind Data | Live Camera | Logged Historical Data

Remotely View Your Wind and Temperature Conditions Online

The Richards Online Wind Monitoring System is a graphical web interface which allows of our 490-A Wind Speed Monitor / Alarm and wind sensors to remotely view live and historical wind conditions at their location. The system gathers, displays, and stores wind and temperature data transmitted from a 490-A Wind Speed Monitor.

The most common system consists of a C5C Series Cup Anemometer and D5C Series Wind Vane which are hard wired to the 490-A Wind Monitor Display. An optional RTD resistance temperature sensor can also be wired to the monitor if required. The current wind speed, direction and temperature can now be displayed on the LCD Display of the monitor.

The data from the 490-A Wind Speed Monitor is then automatically wirelessly transmitted to the C-24154 Wireless Gateway and on to our server. All resulting wind and temperature data is then displayed and logged on the Wind Monitoring Web Interface for viewing online or with a smart phone.

Another great feature is the live webcam feature. The live video feed is from an outdoor web camera usually mounted near the wind sensors. The camera is hard wired to the wireless gateway. Our camera is also equipped with night vision.

View some live examples of the system from links on this page.

Online Wind Monitoring Interface Features

  • Richards Wind Monitoring Web Interface
  • Displays Current Wind Speed, Wind Gust, Wind Direction, and Temperature
  • Displays Current Date and Time
  • Large Wind Rose with Wind Direction in Degrees and Cardinal Points
  • 24 Hour Air Temperature Line Graph
  • 24 Hour Wind Speed Line Graph with Maximum Gust Values
  • 24 Hour Data Table with Average, Minimum, and Maximum Wind Speed
  • 24 Hour Data Table with Average, Minimum, and Maximum Wind Gust
  • 24 Hour Data Table with Average Wind Direction
  • 24 Hour Data Table with Average, Minimum, and Maximum Air Temperature
  • Live Web Camera View
  • Historical Conditions Can Be Viewed by Month, Day, and Hour
  • Historical Data Can be Displayed and Downloaded in TXT or CSV Format

Required Equipment

  • C5C-1263-1-SP Compact High Speed Stainless Steel Cup Anemometer
  • D5C-1263-1 Compact High Speed Stainless Steel Wind Direction Vane
  • BHC-36 Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Buck Horn Wind Sensor Cross Arm
  • Temperature Probe (RTD) with Radiation Shield
  • 490-A Wireless Wind Speed Monitor / Alarm
  • C-24154 Wireless Internet Gateway
  • Web Camera with Night Vision
  • Complementary Online Wind Monitoring Service is Included with Wireless Gateway