Insulated Thermocouple Wire


Special Limits of error | Insulated | Stranded or solid

Insulated Thermocouple Grade Wire is typically used to make thermocouple elements. Depending on the applications service temperature range, environmental conditions, and physical constraints, a wire gauge, calibration type, and insulation material can be specified. Each of the thermocouple types have their own insulation standard color code for easy identification. The aid with installation, the negative leg of the thermocouple element is always red. The is very important since reverse wiring will cause the instrument to read backwards. Insulated thermocouple grade wire is available with solid or stranded conductors. Stranded construction is ideal for applications where the wire is subjected to repeated flexing. Thermcouple Grade Insulated Wire is also available in AWG wire gauges from 40 gauge (.0031 inches) to 14 gage (.064 inches).

Insulated Thermocouple wire can be supplied on spools, coils, or in element form. Wire orders will be spooled plus or minus 10% of the total quantity unless otherwise specified by the customer. Thermocouple elements can also be made from any of the insulated wires shown below. Thermocouple elements made from wire with fiberglass insulation are low cost, flexible, and can be used either with or without protection tubes depending upon the temperature and atmosphere in which they are installed. Insulated thermocouple wire is also used to manufacture elements for miniature thermocouple assemblies due to ease of replacement and low cost. Elements are nominal length plus two inches for leads and the butt welded junction.

If you require spooled wire just specify the part number and total footage. if you are ordering a thermocouple element, specify the wire part number followed by the overall length in inches. The insulated thermocouple wire part number below specify the wire gauge, type, insulation material and length.



  • Special Limits of Error
  • 40 to 14 Wire Gauge Sizes
  • Stranded or Solid Conductors
  • Thermocouple Types, E, J, K, N, T, R, and S
  • High Temperature Insulations
  • Moisture Resistant Insulations
  • Stainless Steel or Inconel 600 Overbraids


Insulated Thermocouple Wire | Type K
Mgo Thermocouples With Male Plug
Part Number
Wire Gauge

Wire Form

Insulation Max Temp Lbs / 1000 Ft Wire Sizes Inches
14K-CF 14 Solid Ceramic Fibre 2000°F 57.22 .25 x .15
14K-HG 14 Solid High Temperature Glass 1300°F 38.15 .20 x .11
16K-HG 16 Solid High Temperature Glass 1300°F 31.66 .15 x .09
20K-CF 20 Solid Ceramic Fibre 1800°F 23.80 .15 x .11
20K-GG 20 Solid Fibre Glass, Impregnated 900°F 11.90 .10 x .06
20K-GG-S 20 Stranded Fibre Glass, Impregnated 900°F 25.29 .12 x .08
20K-HG 20 Solid High Temperature Glass 1300°F 23.80 .15 x .10
20K-HG-TB 20 Solid High Temperature Glass 1300°F 22.32 .13 x .09
20K-TT 20 Solid Teflon TFE (Fused Tape) 500°F 14.88 .11 x .06
20K-TT-EX 20 Solid Teflon FEP (Extruded) 400°F 16.37 .12 x .07
20K-VS 20 Solid Vitreous Silica Fibre 1800°F 23.80 .16 x .10
24K-GG 24 Solid Fibre Glass, Impregnated 900°F 5.95 .08 x .05
24K-GG-TB 24 Solid Fibre Glass, Impregnated 900°F 5.95 .05 x .05
24K-HG 24 Solid High Temperature Glass 1300°F 8.18 .01 x .06
24K-HG-TB 24 Solid High Temperature Glass 1300°F 7.44 .09 x .06
24K-TT 24 Solid Glass Filled Thermoplastic 500°F 6.77 .08 x .05
28K-GG 28 Solid Fibre Glass, Impregnated 900°F 4.46 .06 x .04
30K-KK 30 Solid Glass Filled Thermoplastic 400°F 2.68 .04 x .03
36K-TT-EX 36 Solid Teflon FEP (Extruded) 400°F 2.98 .04 x .03
40K-TT-EX 40 Solid Teflon FEP (Extruded) 400°F 2.98 .02 x .02

Color Code - Yellow (Positive, Non-magnetic, Ni, 10% Cr) and Red (Negative, Magnetic, Ni, 5% Al, Si)
Outer Jacket - Brown, with Yellow tracer..