C5CH Series Heated Anemometer

C5CH Series Compact Heated Anemometer For Cold Weather Installations

Internal Heater

The Richards C5CH Compact Heated Anemometer is the perfect sensor for mining operations as well as meteorological installations in cold climates. The C5C Anemometer has all of the great features of the standard C5C anemometer but with the addition of a powerful internal heating element. This heating element will also help prevent the shaft bearings from freezing in cold weather. Our heater assembly is a unique design. Technicians can also install or replace the heating element in minutes without disassembling the anemometer.


The C5CH anemometer rotor and shaft tower has a special black anti-ice coating help prevent ice, snow, and dirt, from clinging to the sensor. The black color of the coating also absorbs sunlight to help with the removal ice and snow built up on the sensor. The C5CH compact heated anemometer is available with a reed switch pulse output or a low level AC frequency output. This anemometer is also made completely from high grade 316 stainless steel and Titanium for maximum durability and corrosion resistance. The C5CH Heated Anemometer also has stainless steel bearings which can be easily replaced in the field. As with all of our wind sensors, no compromises were made during its construction. In short the best wind sensor available.



  • Black anti-ice coating
  • All Stainless Steel and Titanium Construction
  • Compact size together with a very light weight
  • High wind speed durability
  • Standard .05" O.D. tube mount
  • Bearing change out in minutes without removing sensor or disconnecting power
  • Field replaceable reed switch assembly
  • Stainless Steel wind cups as well as rotor arms
  • Available with switch pulse or AC frequency output
  • Powerful field replaceable internal heating element

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C5CH Compact Heated Anemometer

C5CH Compact Heated Anemometer Physical Dimensions

Height Body Diameter Rotor Diameter Weight Connection
4.25 Inches 1.5 Inches 5.5 Inches .942 Pounds 0.5" O.D. Tube