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Arklay Richards was a young ambitious engineer in 1938.  He was confident he could manufacture superior quality thermocouples and related supplies at a significant cost savings to the industrial temperature sensor consumer. The same year Arklay turned this idea into reality and the Arklay S. Richards Co., Inc. was founded. The manufacturing company began from humble beginnings. Arklay compiled thermocouple sales by day. The manufacturing, testing, and packaging by night.  The following day orders would also ship to customers. Superior customer service was a top priority. In fact, in these early days, the entire operation ran within the basement of Arklay's home.

The Arklay S. Richards Co., Inc. is now celebrating its 79th year anniversary. By maintaining our founding principles we have grown into the oldest continuously family owned and operated thermocouple manufacturer in the country. The Arklay S. Richards Co., Inc. has a long list of family members who have worked in the company over the years. They include Arklay's: sons, grandson, granddaughters, great granddaughter as well as a great grandson. The company also has the privilege of employing a second generation of manufacturing personnel who are unrelated to the family.


The Arklay S. Richards Co., Inc. began as a specialized manufacturer of thermocouples. Richards has also applied its high quality sensor manufacturing resources into producing the finest industrial anemometers and wind vanes available. Our comprehensive product line now includes thermocouples, RTD's, Thermocouple wire, Temperature Instruments, Nichrome Wire, Anemometers, Wind Vanes, Wind Alarms together with Displays. In addition we carry Quartz Tubes and Tubing, Pressure Gauges, and industrial process instruments.

We would also like to thank all of our loyal customers who have been with us for many years. Furthermore, going forward, we will use our founding principles and continue to manufacture the highest quality products you have come to expect from Richards.

Thank you!

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