C5C Series Anemometer

C5C Series Compact High Speed Industrial Anemometer


The Richards C5C-1263-1-SP Compact High Speed Industrial Anemometer is the perfect sensor for wind resource analysis projects, wind speed monitoring around chemical plants, wind warning alarm systems on large buildings and container cranes. The C5C has all of the great features and corrosion resistant stainless steel and Titanium construction as the larger C5 anemometer but in a light compact profile for ease of installation. The compact C5C is 8 inches shorter than the large C5 Anemometer, consequently it is 1/4 of the weight. The C5C also shares the same heavy duty wind cup rotor assembly and the same precision stainless steel bearings as the larger C5 anemometer.


The C5C Series Compact Anemometer is available from the factory with a reed switch pulse output or for low power consumption. In addition, this wind sensor is available with a low level AC frequency output (C5C-1263-1-AC). These industrial wind sensors have many great features which make them the perfect solution for monitoring wind speeds in harsh industrial environments. The sealed reed switch assembly used in the C5C sensor can be quickly removed in the field without disassembling the wind instrument. Furthermore, both of the shaft bearings can also be replaced while in the field in a only a matter of minutes without disconnecting the power cable to the unit.


  • All Stainless Steel and Titanium Construction
  • Compact size and weight as well as high wind speed durability
  • Standard .05" O.D. tube mount
  • Bearing change out in minutes without removing sensor or disconnecting power
  • Field replaceable reed switch assembly
  • Stainless Steel wind cups and rotor arms
  • Switch pulse or AC frequency output
  • Heating element can also be added at any time

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C5C Compact Series Anemometer

C5C Compact Anemometer Physical Dimensions

Height Body Diameter Rotor Diameter Weight Connection
4.25 Inches 1.5 Inches 5.5 Inches .942 Pounds 0.5" O.D. Tube