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Sialon Thermocouple Tube

General Information -

Sialon thermocouple protection tubes are used with thermocouples to continuously monitor the temperature in molten non-ferrous metals such as Zinc, Aluminum, Copper, and Gold. These tubes are most commonly used in the Aluminum casting industry. Sialon thermocouple tubes have excellent thermal shock resistance and therefore can be directly immersed into molten Aluminum. This material is also chemically inert and non-wetting in Aluminum which helps to prevent dross buildup at the melt line. The high performance qualities of these tubes make them the perfect choice for temperature monitoring and control in Aluminum melting and holding furnaces.

Sialon Thermocouple protection tubes can be ordered as a plain tube with or without a groove on the open end. Tubes can also be ordered with a 1" NPT Steel female coupling for mounting to straight or angle industrial thermocouple assemblies.

Material Specifications

  • Excellent Thermal Shock and Corrosion Resistance
  • Non-Wetting in Molten Metals Such as Aluminum and Zinc
  • Thin Tube Walls For Fast Temperature Response
  • Tubes Will Not Contaminate The Melt (Chemically Inert)
  • Higher Strength and Density Than Conventional Ceramics
  • Gas Tight Thermocouple Tube
  • Long Service Life
  • Maximum Service Temperature of 1832°F or 1000°C

Plain and Grooved Sialon Tubes

p110 Tubes Ceramic Sialon 20180522-1

Sialon Tubes and a 1.0" female NPT Steel Coupling

Sialon Tubes and a 3/4" male NPT Thread


p111 Tubes Ceramic Sialon 20180522-2


  • Installation flexibility