Straight Assemblies and Thermowell

Assemblies - A, B, C.

Need To Customize Your Assembly? - Fine Tune the Part Number

    After locating a standard part number, you can fine tune the assembly for your application. Substitute any “MC” characters with your thermowell material code requirements. 316SS (“16”) is standard. If you would like to order a type E, J, N, or Type T assembly, substitute the “K” with an “E, J”, “N”, or “T” in the part numbers listed on this page.  For elements having ungrounded junctions, add a “U” after the “K” in the part number.  Example: KUA030081604.5.

Thermocouple Straight Thermowell Configurations

See Part Numbers below.

p32 Straight Well Pub 20171018-2
p32 Straight Well Pub 20171018-2 SH Head
p32 Straight Well Pub 20171018-1 Style A-2
p33 Straight Well Pub 20180402-1 Style B-3
p33 Straight Well Pub 20180402-1 Style C-4


  • 316SS 1/4” Diameter Sheath
  • European Curve Element
  • 100Ώ Resistance
  • Four Wire Lead Configuration
  • Max. Temp. 400°C (752°F)
  • High Temp. Option 650°C (1202°F)
  •  ± 0.04% resistance or ±0.1°C Accuracy