Wire Thermocouple Bare

Bare Thermocouple Wire

General Information -

Bare thermocouple wire is typically used to construct thermocouple elements. When selecting the gauge, keep in mind that larger diameter conductors will give a longer service life and will have a higher maximum temperature limit. A smaller gauge thermocouple wire will give you a lower maximum temperature limit and shorter service life, but will have a faster temperature response time. These characteristics must be considered when choosing the appropriate bare thermocouple wire for your application.

Standard limits of error for conductors are provided as specified by the part numbers shown below.

Special Limits of error for conductors can be specified by doubling the Type letter in the part number.       Example: 20KKP

Bare Wire Types


Orders will be on spools plus or minus 10% of the total quantity unless otherwise specified by the customer.

Material can also be on spools, coils, or in cut and straightened lengths.

! Note: 24 gauge Platinel II and 11 gauge Nickel vs. Nickel Moly bare wire is also available. Phone for details.

p116 Bare Wire 20190722
p114 Bare Wire Pub 20180326-3


  • Standard or Special Limits of Error
  • Wire Sizes From 40 Gauge to 6 Gauge
  • Thermocouple Types, B, E, C, J, K, N, T, R, and S
  • Available in Spools, Coils, or Cut to Length