Thermocouples Straight - Metal

Single Metal Protection Tube | 90° Bend | SH Head

Straight thermocouples utilize metal protection tubes. They are used to monitor temperatures for heat treating, salt baths, casting, or hot dip galvanizing. These thermocouples have a single metal protection tube. A variety of high temperature alloys can be used for the tube. Sturdy construction keeps the thermocouple from loading damage. Threaded bushings can be welded to the protection tubes.



Example: The part number describes the thermocouple giving the gauge, type of wire, construction, tube length and mounting device, if any. The part number 8K4-1012XH-24-AF signifies an 8 gauge, Type K complete assembly, 1/2”  NPT extra heavy 24” long #10 alloy (32% nickel - 215 chromium) tube, a 1/2” Adjustable Flange and a screw cover head. Other combinations of thermocouples and tubes can be specified depending on your application.

! Note: If you would like to order a Type E, J, or N assembly, just substitute the “J” with an E, J, or N in the part numbers listed on this page.


Straight Thermocouple Configurations

Part Numbering System Examples


To change the standard type K thermocouple calibration. Substitute the K in the part number with the desired Type E, J, K, N, or T, calibration.

Example: 8K4-734XH-12 = Type K Thermocouple
Example: 8J4-1612XH-12 = Type J Thermocouple

Sheath Materials or Alloy Code

Substitute  in the part number with the desired sheath alloy Number (Code) shown in table and part number.

p8 Straight Pub 20171009-0
p8 Straight Pub 20171009-1
p8 Straight Pub 20171009-2
p8 Straight Pub 20171009-3
p8 Straight Pub 20171009-4
p8 Straight Pub 20171009-5
p8 Straight Pub 20171009-6
p8 Straight Pub 20171009-8
p14 Straight Pub 20171010-9
Thermocouple Assembly Metal Protection Tube


  • Single Metal or Ceramic Protection Tube
  • Straight Construction
  • Standard Aluminum Screw Cover Head
  • Available With Large 8 Gauge Type K, E, J, or N Thermocouple Elements
  • Available With 24 Gauge Type R, S, or B Platinum Thermocouple Elements
  • All Specialty Alloys and Ceramics Available From Stock