Ceramic Tubes SH Head

Right angle thermocouples utilize ceramic protection tubes. They are used to monitor temperatures for heat treating, and glass manufacture.  They also have and a unique 90° bend. An elbow connects the hot and cold legs of the assembly. A variety of high temperature ceramics can be used for the tube. We offer tubes in Mullite, Alumina, and Zirconia ceramics. Silicon Carbide and Quartz can also be ordered.  This right angle construction is very useful. It keeps the thermocouple head away from radiated heat from the process. These thermocouples also avoid contact with process covers.

Specifications | Advantages

  • Single Ceramic Protection Tube
  • Right Angle Construction
  • Aluminum Screw Cover Head
  • Type K, E, J, or N Thermocouple Elements
  • Large 8 Gauge Wire Element
  • Ceramic Insulated Elements
  • Alumina, Mullite Tubes
  • Zirconia Tubes
  • Silicon Carbide Tubes
  • Quartz Tubes
  • Single or Dual Elements

Example: Angle Thermocouple Assembly part number 8K6-P11F-12-18-SH signifies: 8 gauge element, Type K Calibration, angle assembly, 12" long hot leg with a Mullite ceramic tube. The 18" long cold leg made from a steel balance pipe. They also have a weatherproof aluminum head.

Other combinations of thermocouples and protection tubes can also be specified.

NOTE: Need to order a Type E, J, or N assembly. Substitute the K with an E, J, or N, in the part numbers.

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