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The Richards TS and TSI series transmitters are available for both thermocouples and RTD inputs.

The thermocouple inputs cover all standard calibrations. RTD inputs cover three and four wire, Pt100, alpha 0.00385 (European or DIN Standard) and three and four wire alpha 0.003916 (American Standard) sensors. The output is temperature linearized 4-20 mA VDC. All of our transmitters are 2 wire looped powered. TS and TSI series transmitters can be mounted in the following DIN-B compatible connection Heads:   ASLH, SH, AFTH, WH, CIH, EXSHT, NH, and PPSH.

Part Number Construction:

 √  1) Select the series TS (Non-isolated) or TSI (Isolated).

√  2) Select your thermocouple Type: B, C (AE), E, J, K, N, R, S, T

or select your RTD Type: PTE (European Curve), or PTA (American Curve)

√  3) Select your temperature span.

√  4) Select your degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Example (Thermocouple): TSK500-1000F (Non-Isolated, Type K thermocouple, Span 500-1000°F)

Example (RTD): TSIPTE0-500C (Isolated, Pt100, European Curve, RTD, Span 0-500°C)

  !   Note: When using thermocouples with grounded junctions, be sure to use our TSI series transmitters.

See transmitter wiring hook-ups below


Transmitter Configurations

Transmitters are available in a variety of configurations and are fatory programmed.   Our more common styles are shown in this section.  If you are looking for a particular type, which is not shown here, please phone one of our sales engineers since we may have others available.


p168 Transmitters Pub 20171102-1
p170 Transmitters Pub 20171102-2
p171 Transmitters Pub 20171102-3
Mgo Insulated Thermocouples


  • Small diameters from .062" to .075"
  • Many high temperature alloys available
  • Flexible and easy to bend by hand down to two times the diameter of the sheath
  • Short and long lengths
  • Installation flexibility
  • Terminated with plugs, jacks, connection heads or bare leads
  • Very fast response times.
  • Uniquely economical construction
  • All calibrations; Type B, E, J, K, N, R, S, T, C, and P
  • Grounded, ungrounded, in addition to exposed junctions