Ceramic Connector Blocks

Various Types

Ceramic connector blocks mount inside the thermocouple head. Most are Alumina ceramic. The block connect the sensor wires to the extension wires. Blocks also have brass screw terminals. Connect single as well as dual thermocouples. We also have them for RTD's. RTD's may require up to 6 terminals. 2158 blocks can be used in heads. They also can be used alone. Blocks should not be in areas above 500°F. Heat around the block may cause errors.


Alumina ceramic. Round or oval shapes. Brass screw terminals. Pinch and wrap around connections.


Two, four, and six brass terminals. For thermocouples or RTD's. Simplex and duplex sensors. Two, three, and four wire RTD's.


Wire terminals for the following sizes. 24, 20, 18, 16, 14, 11, and 8 gauge.


Standard and DIN. Oval and round shapes.


Connectors are available in a variety of materials and styles.  Common ones are shown in this section.  Looking for a particular block not shown here? Phone one of our sales engineers. We have many other connectors available.


p134 Connectors 20171101-2158
p135 Connectors 20171101-AMTS
p136 Connectors 20171101-AWTS
p136 Connectors 20171206-EXT
p137 Connectors 20171206-MT2
Ceramic Connector Block


  • High Temperature Ceramic
  • High Purity Alumina
  • Brass Terminals
  • Pinch and Wire Wrap Connection
  • Round and Oval Shapes
  • Two Screws Mount
  • For Simplex and Duplex Sensors
  • Two, Three and Four Wire RTD's
  • Round DIN Sizes
  • Miniature Sizes
  • Cement Molded
  • Spring Loaded Available
  • Copper Sleeves