Thermocouples Straight - Double Tube

Metal and Ceramic Tube Assemblies


Richards double tube thermocouple assemblies for severe service applications. They have a metal outer tube to protect from mechanical damage and thermal shock. Use a Silicon Carbide outer tube to protect the inner ceramic tube from thermal shock.

Straight industrial process thermocouples with single metal or ceramic protection tubes are typically used to monitor temperatures during Heat Treating, Die Casting, Hot Dip Galvanizing, Waste Incineration, Cement Kilns and Glass Production. The straight industrial thermocouple assemblies with metal tubes and base metal elements can be used up to 2400°F. Higher process temperatures up to 2700°F can be monitored by straight industrial thermocouples with Noble or Platinum thermocouple elements protected by ceramic tubes.

Metal protection tubes are available in all high temperature stainless steels and Nickel Alloys. Ceramic protection tubes are available in Mullite, Alumina and Zirconia.


Example: The part number describes the thermocouple giving the gauge, type of wire, construction, tube length and mounting device, if any. The part number 8K5-P11F-734XH-24-AF signifies an 8 gauge, Type K complete Double Tube assembly, P11F inner Tube, 3/4”  NPT extra heavy 24” long #7 alloy tube, a 3/4” Adjustable Flange and a screw cover head.

! Note: If you would like to order a Type E, J, or N assembly, just substitute the “K” with an E, J, or N in the part numbers listed on this page.


Straight Double Tube Configurations

Part Numbering System Examples

Easy To Order -

1 - State quantity.

2 - Specify the part number (ours or competitive).

3 - Specify the length *.

Multiples of 6" (152.4 mm) starting at 12" are stock.

4 - Add letters for mounting attachments, if any.

5 - For Double Element Assembly add "D" to the part number (8K5D-P11F-734XH-24)

To change the standard type K thermocouple calibration, substitute the K in the part number with the desired Type E, J, K, N, or T, calibration.

Example: 8J5-P11F-734XH-12 = Type J Thermocouple
Substitute in the part number with the desired Tube configurations.

p24 Straight Double Tube Pub 20171010-1
p24 Straight Double Tube Pub 20171010-2
p24 Straight Double Tube Pub 20171010-3
p24 Straight Double Tube Pub 20171010-4
p27 Straight Double Tube Pub 20171010-5
p27 Straight Double Tube Pub 20171010-6
p29 Straight Double Tube Pub 20171010-7
p29 Straight Double Tube Pub 20171010-8


  • Double Metal or Ceramic Protection Tubes
  • Straight Construction
  • Standard Aluminum Screw Cover Head
  • Available With Large 8 Gauge Type K, E, J, or N Thermocouple Elements
  • Available With 24 Gauge Type R, S, or B Platinum Thermocouple Elements
  • All Specialty Alloys and Ceramics Available From Stock