Thermocouple Thermowells

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General Information -

Thermowells provide a protective housing or barrier for thermocouple elements in industrial processes. A thermowell also allows servicing the thermocouple without breaching the process container.

Wells are precision machined from solid bar stock in a variety of materials depending on the particular application. Machined thermowells will have either straight, tapered, or stepped shanks. Wells can also be ordered with threaded, socket-weld, weld in place, flanged, and Van Stone. Sanitary clamp type process connections for food applications are shown below.

Richards thermowells are available in all typical configurations shown in this section. We offer many material options as listed in the code charts. If you need a special material or design, phone one of our sales engineers and we can make it for you. Our standard thermocouple thermowells are the T030 series wells in 304 or 316 stainless steel. These wells have bores for 1/4” diameter probes. The process connections are available in 1/2”, 3/4”, and 1” NPT configurations. The shank is straight and stepped for rapid temperature response. See Series T030 Table for immersion lengths.

Thermowell Configurations

Codes for available alloys.

p96 Wells Pub 20171021-2

Straight Shank Wells

p96 Wells Pub 20171021-1

Stepped Shank Wells

p96 Wells Pub 20171021-3
p96 Wells Pub 20171021-4
p96 Wells Pub 20171024-5

Wells With Flanges

p96 Wells Pub 20171023-6

Socket Weld in Wells

p96 Wells Pub 20171023-7

Tapered  Shank Wells

p96 Wells Pub 20171024-8
p103 Wells Pub 20171024-9
Thermowells machined from bar stock


  • Alloy 20, 214, 600, 602, 400, 800, and C-276
  • Aluminum, Brass, Copper, and Cast Iron
  • Carbon Steel in F11, F22, and A105
  • HR-160
  • Nickel 200
  • Monel, Tantalum, and Titanium
  • Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steels in 304, 310, 316, 321, 330, and 446