Thermocouple Wire Insulated

Types E, J, K, N, and T.

General Information -

Insulated thermocouple wire is available on spools, coils, or in element form. Wire orders will be on a spool plus or minus 10% of the total quantity unless otherwise specified by the customer. Thermocouple elements can also be made from any of the insulated wires shown below. Elements made from wire with fiberglass insulation are low cost, flexible, and can be used either with or without protection tubes depending upon the atmosphere in which they are installed.

Insulated thermocouple wire is also used to manufacture elements for miniature thermocouple assemblies due to ease of replacement and low cost. Elements are nominal length plus two inches for leads (unless otherwise indicated in figures), and butt welded is standard construction. If you require spooled wire just specify the part number and the footage. If you are ordering an element, specify the part number followed by the overall length in inches. The insulated thermocouple wire part numbers below, specify the wire gauge, type, insulation material and length.

Spool Example:  50 Feet of 24K-GG                                                                24 inch Thermocouple Example:  24K-GG-24

! Notes: Double the type letter in the part number for Special Limits.                          Example: 24KK-GG-24

If you prefer a fiberglass wrap style of insulation on the single wires, add a “W” to the part number        Example: 24KK-WGG-24

Stainless steel Over Braid is available for many wires. It protects from abrasion and the fraying of wires, and also to use as an electric shielding when grounding. Eight is the designation for 304 Stainless Steel - “OB8”; and nine is the designation for alloy 600 - “OB9”.  Add to the end of the part number.                                                                                                                        Example:   20J-GG-OB8

Add “TB” to the end of the part number for tight braid insulation.                                      Example:  20K-HG-TB

Thermocouple Wire Insulated Configurations

The Arklay S. Richards Co., Inc. always stocks a wide variety of thermocouple wire, which covers a service temperature range from –123 to 1093°C (-190 to 2000°F). This enables you to select the most suitable and economical wire for your application. The maximum service temperature is based on the lower limit of the wire gauge, or insulation characteristics. Refer to the two charts below. All Richards thermocouple wire to conform to ANSI MC 96.1 standards. The testing for accuracy and color coding is completed here in our own laboratories. Refer to our limits of error table below. Special premium grade wire is available upon request. For premium grade thermocouple wire add a double type letter to the catalog number. An example of a catalog number for premium grade thermocouple wire would be 20KK-HG.

p111 limits Wire Pub 20171024-2
p112 Gauges Insulations Wire Pub 20171024-3
p110 Insulated Wire Pub 20171103
p116 Insulated Wire Pub 20171025-4
p117 Insulated Wire Pub 20171025-5
p117 Insulated Wire Pub 20171025-5


  • Small diameters from .062" to .075"