Thermocouple Accessories

Mountings etc.

We stock a variety of thermocouple accessories and mounting attachments. We carry steel bushings as well as NPT threaded fittings. NPT fittings provide a gas tight seal when installing thermocouples.  They also give ceramic tubes support to prevent mechanical breakage.  Adjustable flanges can be used to adjust the immersion length of metal protection tubes. You can also adjust a ceramic tube which has a metal sleeve. Armor adapters are used to attach thermocouple sheaths together with armored cables. Bayonet fittings for quick disconnect applications on small thermocouples. These are also common in the plastics industry.

Compression Fittings are 316 stainless steel. They are available with metal as well as Teflon ferrules.

! Note:  To specify an attachment to a thermocouple assembly. Add the attachment part number to the end of the thermocouple part number. See example as shown below.

Example:   8K4-734XH-24-SH-AF

Accessory Configurations

Common accessories are shown below. Use these products with thermocouples as well as RTDs.

p123 Accesories Pub 20170927-1

We can machine any size bushing. We also can weld the bushing to the protection tube.

p124 Accesories Pub 20170928-2

The BSC3212 large cementing bushing is for silicon carbide tubes.

p125 Accesories Pub 20170928-3
p126 Accesories Pub 20180102-4
p127 Accesories Pub 20180102-5
p128 Accesories Pub 20180102-6
p129 Accesories Pub 20170929-7
p130 Accesories Pub 20170929-8

Adapters for plugs and jacks. Brass crimp inserts are also available.

p131 Accesories Pub 20170929-9
p132 Accesories Pub 20180326-10

Welded bushings are also available in stainless steel.


  • Armor Adapter
  • Adjustable Flanges
  • Bayonet Fittings Together with Adapters
  • Carbon Steel as Well as Stainless Bushings
  • Plug Brackets
  • Cementing Bushings
  • Compression Fittings